This will  waterpik vary and we can talk about that in a little bit but it by default it does twenty seconds for each sixth of the math so waterpik the sides each side .


Top 10 Best Waterpik in 2018

  • Do an extra seconds on different parts of the mouth that you specify in the app that we’ll get to so if you know that I don’t know the top and bottom in the back need extra work your dentist told this you can put that in them in the app and then it’ll give you an extra seconds on each one.
  • So you can specify a lot of that and customize it and do it longer if you want and finally one of the biggest features of this toothbrush is that it can actually detect the position it’s in and the orientation so it can track how well you’re brushing each part of.

Waterpik Description

  1. The mouth and then warn you if you miss anything so when you connect to your app it will actually give you a report afterwards about.
  2. I don’t know maybe you missed this side this portion of the mouth and it will show you that in yellow and also if you press too hard in certain parts of.
  3. The mouth it’ll show that in purple so this is a really great way to kind of get feedback maybe you didn’t even realize you were missing parts of .
  4. the mouth and then that way when you go to the dentist they’re telling you hey you know this part of the mouth is not looking .