I guess it’s Dental Insurance No Waiting Period overnight success years in the making and then try to become creating that one thing yeah it’s immensely satisfying I think to clients and to me and the people who work for me because we’re super clear on it .

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period
Dental Insurance No Waiting Period
  • I think we’re still Dental Insurance No Waiting Period getting nothing clarity is something you’re always wanting to create and so you know .
  • we’re still defining and refining those programs but but it sure has created the sliver of focus.
  • That makes it easy to make decisions it makes it easy to know whether we’re in really good alignment with clients or not and be able to get those clients to .

Where they really need to be and sometimes that’s with us and sometimes it isn’t and so that’s just made that easier to do for .

Them yeah yeah so you married your passion with something that clients really want I mean we look at marriages number one reason they end up in divorce is communication you look you know the number one reason they don’t accept treatment is you know because yeah you talked at them but they didn’t buy into .

What you said right so it can really help anybody how even teams are fighting that I want to be working together there are partnerships that dissolve you know yeah mm-hm perfectly so yeah so you married your passion.

That you really studied a lot about and then deep-end along with something that’s such a huge problem for so many practice owners and you know dentist let me let me kind of ask you is something before I jump in so of course there are two things tha.

I would like to talk to you but perhaps only one today the two are you know how can a practice communicate better with patients and maybe we can do another podcast or a fist-sized event around that and the second thing which.

I would like to focus today is you know how can a practice focus on you know communicating better with teens right the leader the owner – the team members and team members amongst themselve.