Dental insurance reviews | tooth pain

  • theropod I don’t know if you guys have Dental insurance reviews  seen these before they’re ,
  • spin brushes come with one  of the little covers and I’ll show you the one that I have see .
  • this doesn’t do  a very good job of keeping its sanitary and if you didn’t know toothbrushes.
  • can hold a lot of bacteria if you just leave  them sitting out especially if you do your hair in the
  • bathroom or you pee in the bathroom or poop or take showers dirt it gets in the air bacteria gets

 toothbrush not good as you can see this covers the toothbrush

  • completely and it allows for the sanitation of the toothbrush to take  place when you’re not brushing
  • your teeth it clamps in and it has like germ fighting bacteria fighting vapors inside of a little stair pod.
Dental insurance reviews
Dental insurance reviews
  • And you can smell it because it’s most likely mouthwash if  you can see right here it’s in there
  • It sanitize to toothbrush while you’re not using it so you don’t get any dirty virus causing infective

Vection causing brush pretty awesome

  • These things sometimes don’t even fit toothbrush they pop off I was gonna throw it away but
  • I wanted to show you guys when I got to stare pod the difference I believe you can get these
  • From Bed Bath & Beyond but if not link  down below where you can purchase this make sure that you replace 
  • That every three months cuz the thing stops producing the vapors after a while so you need to replace 
  • Like every three to four months you should replace your toothbrush if your toothbrush is like