full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period

patients then you can start taking a  look at national benchmarks as far as like you said how many.

crowns were done in the practice relative to how many build ups there are some national averages.

out Dental Insurance there for a particular practice of okay if you have a thousand patients you should be doing I.

don’t know let’s say crowns a month in  that population but after you look at the report a .

dentists might think oh I do a million crowns a million but when you get a look at the report you.

say definitely does crowns a month and you look at the national average I’m just making this

the assumption that the first you go to a dentist and you ask them you know what’s going on in your

practice what’s unique about how you’re practicing today that based on your population and based on

insurance company data you really should be doing on average but you’re doing   what are you doing are

you maybe you’re a conservative dentist maybe you’re looking at trying to save that tooth and

you keep doing the filling over and over again to try to save it versus recognizing at what point you

 need to put a crown on that so you’re you’re right the Crown’s versus buildups is a is a hot topic

definitely cuz they’re high dollar the Crown’s a high dollar item so I believe the national average like a

three to one ratio  crowns versus a buildup so if you we saw a report earlier today if you did a hundred

crowns and you did a hundred buildups that also looks that looks bad you could have a because of you

could be under coding or you could be over coding if you’re over coding versus  the national averages

you might risk the  full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period opportunity for an insurance company audit .