renaissance dental one will see rice good good of course you can keep the box whenever you’ve seen the colorful strap on him – you fight it renaissance dental ith your lashes it’s when it’s very good ok looking up and blink-blink-blink ok again blink blink blink good for your lips.

renaissance dental
renaissance dental

we’re gonna be using on home breasts I’ll will be using this down right here a little kiss proof lip

cream very very cute and weight and soul right here okay this will be just a liner just a little bit then we add the liner lip cream now collected good and

that creates the on breast style now for Tyler’s we’re gonna be using these govern effects glitter drops very beautiful to create some shine in two special parts to everything else tiny bitch and we are done you are done we hear my cover you cannot take a pig into

the mirror I’m gonna save the box for you do you like it huh no no no you’re welcome it was a gift and I’m so happy that I was able to do it for you and that you enjoyed the process so they in any case if you want your baby lights to be part running let us know and.

we’re gonna give you a discount for it carried your eyelashes right there hmm oh you what’s my pleasure so enjoy show me cover and you have any fissure questions yes he was a cop hmm well thank you yeah four years are amazing \

thank you thank you so much you to sustain the species the ability to share genetic material to reproduce and create new offspring is very essential and an important part of the functional oh and welcome to our continuing journey through the human body but

We are nearing the end we have one more after today today we’ll be looking at reproduction and birth which are a fascinating area and we’ll just be briefly going through them today I have actually got my eye and a couple books that we might be able to look at the process is in a bit more d