humana dental are they going to be the type of person that you know when they get onto an airplane never having taken lessons whatsoever on how to fly that airplanes do they get on .

humana dental
humana dental

The air playing and automatically declare today I’m flying this airplane no like that’s not the way the world works you know when I get on an airplane I want to make sure that the person .

That’s flying that plane is qualified experienced and fully trained so in other words when the insurance company contacts you I want you to defer to me if they’re gonna contact you about policy issues coverage issues that’s one thing but if they want to talk about the estimate you direct them to me to talk about the estimate see the insurance company also is.

They’re gonna contact the customer and they’re gonna try to get the customer to act as the go-between between you the contractor and them the insurance company they’re gonna try to get the property owner in the middle of that to be somewhat of an interpreter.

That again is no good the property owner has never been in that situation before and if they have they have limited experience I Guarantee you there’s not something they do on a regular basis unless it’s unless you’re dealing with a property management company for.

A commercial you know multifamily projects or something like that you know I’m talking about someone that rarely has a property damage claim and so when they get themselves in that situation many people will want to control the process .

The property owner to control that process because they really don’t want you to be dealing with their insurance company because that’s their