The dental plans for individuals Mohammed Ahmed Mahmoud (employee) said that he is ultimately dissatisfied with his health insurance system, The dental plans for individuals in terms of the types of treatment covered by the guarantee and the proportion of the costs incurred by him, which amounts to 30% of the total value of therapy, %, Which is not enough for people who need permanent treatment.


He added that blocking some types of treatment such as drugs such as vitamins and dermatology, not a cure, is not true, sometimes depends on the health of human to just take a type of vitamin, which may lead to a shortage of health problems in the future will cost the cost of insurance And therefore it is better for both parties to take the initiative to treat any signs of satisfactory, as well as for some types of skin care creams, which may be a lack of Tdwai serious health problems, where sometimes the patient to ignore some symptoms of skin diseases due to the high cost of ADO Tha not covered in health insurance for some of the slides, as they are included under the list of cosmetics, note that it is the most vectors of infection among individuals.